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Kitty Fine Erotica Update

Hi Sexy!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my sexy US readers! I’ve been busy writing and updating my site with new releases at Since I have a few updates, I thought I’d highlight the latest for you:

  1. Latest erotica title just released: Daddy’s Girl #5 “DP Double Teamed by My Brother and Daddy Cop.”
  2. New erotica: “Oral Persuasion (College Sex and Sorority Sluts)” is a followup to “Professor’s Oral Exam.”
  3. Latest series and 3-story bundle for the Sex Education series is now available.
  4. Blog updated: Erotica bundles page. Buy bundles and save.
  5. Kitty Fine erotica is now available on and more will be on iBookstore via Lulu (See list of sites to Buy Kitty Fine Erotica).
  6. Get a second FREE story, “The Massage,” when you signup for Kitty’s email updates. If you’re signed up on the email list, you’ll receive an email soon on how to get the extra story.

Also, just a heads up that I’ll be working on my tan on a far-flung, exotic vacation for a couple weeks, starting on Thanksgiving, and I won’t have email/blog/Twitter/FB access then. But I’ll be back soon with more new erotica releases for XXXmas.

Happy holidays!



Creative Problem Solving: Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Creative Problem Solving

If you’re a writer, work in a creative field, or simply enjoy creative pursuits – how do you get your inspiration for your works?

Personally, I’ve always had an overactive imagination. So I get my inspiration from everything I see, hear, and do throughout my days. I love the arts, beauty, music and entertainment. I enjoy learning new ideas, delving into quirky conversations, unique concepts and interesting information.

All of it is fuel for a new story or scene. It all helps for a current work or it gets mentally filed away for another project.

Truth is, we all get in a creative slump. So what do you do when you’re out of ideas? Or you can’t get past that next scene or creative problem? Here are my ideas for waking up your inner muse:

–          Make lists or outlines

–          Get physical – take a walk, workout, dance, etc.

–          Do something brainless like cleaning

–          Watch a movie

–          Read a book, article, poem

–          Work on another creative project (draw, paint, etc.)

–          Take a nap

–          Look out the window

–          Call or meet up with a friend

Seriously, any and all of those things have helped me when I’m stuck.

On one hand, some believe that you have to get down to work, whether you’re feeling it or not. I also agree with that. In fact, many writers claim that some of their most popular works were written when they were sick or not “feeling it.” Often, we are our own worst critics. And if you want to make a living as a writer, you have to write. You can’t always wait for inspiration.

Some writers keep strict daily writing schedules, while others prefer to take advantage of the freedom and flexibility of their writing times. Everyone’s different so it’s important to find what works best for you.

On the other hand, some writers come to a grinding halt when they’re not inspired.  I understand and appreciate the challenge of a creative problem. And I know that working with your own creative mind is not a linear process.

My husband now knows that when I’m looking out the window, I’m often working. My mother finally knows that when I go on a movie-watching spree, that in some respects, I’m actually working. Sometimes, walking away from the problem for a while is the most productive thing you can do. Let your subconscious mind work on it, then come back to it with a new perspective.

In the end, I think the life of a successful creative business person all comes down to a balance – get your creative inspiration from everywhere, learn as much as you can and observe all the time. But no matter what, set your business and writing goals, and get your work done.

Happy writing and reading!

How do you get inspired?

Social Media Marketing: Readers and Writers – Is Social Networking For You?

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Social Media Marketing: Social Networking For Writers and ReadersAre you thinking about getting started with or spending more time on social networking? This post may give you a nudge from my perspective. As always, feel free to drop any questions or comments below.

This week I had lunch with an old friend, and we got to talking about social networking sites. He’s not as technically-inclined as I am — so as I tried to explain, it got me thinking about our new world of social networking.

Back in the day, I was blown away by the Internet. And today I’m still constantly amazed with all we can do today online.

I’ve always loved technology, but I really resisted social networking at first. I thought it would be a complete waste of time. But I’ve grown over the years, and learned that it’s about how you use it.

Now I truly appreciate and love social networking. But I also have a strange love/hate relationship with it. Here’s what I see as the advantages and disadvantages of social networking on social media sites:


1) Make friends and reconnect with old friends.

2) Connect with readers. Get feedback, reviews, and word of mouth buzz.

3) Promote your work and brand. It’s a balance so be careful and don’t overdo it with too much direct promotion. Social media can be a great way to connect and build relationships with your target market. I find Twitter to be a fun and effective platform that drives traffic to my website, as well as positive reviews and word of mouth referrals to my books.

But even when I’m just playing on Twitter, it helps my writing business. For example, my random tweets and retweets show my personality, which helps build familiarity and trust in my brand. And they provide exposure to new readers, as well as friends who will spread the word for you.

4) Network with other writers. It’s similar to connecting with readers because most writers are readers, too. Many writers enjoy learning from each other and networking within a supportive writing community.

5) Entertaining. It’s a diversion that makes me laugh or think. Sometimes I just read my timeline for interesting updates.

6) Informative. Find useful research, author indie resources and writing blogs to hone your skills. If you have a problem, try throwing it out in the Twitterverse and you may get the answer you need.

7) Convenience. You can squeeze in a few minutes here and there when you have breaks. Or take a few days off. You don’t need to keep up with it constantly or consistently if you don’t want to. But it’s always on and there if you’re feeling social or have an announcement.


1) Distracting. It can be a huge distraction, depending on how you use it.

2) Addictive. You may need to manage and schedule the time you spend on various social media.

3) Keeping up. It’s not terrible but some days, I feel a little overwhelmed. It’s always nice to feel popular but there are days I’m not available or in the mood to retweet, follow back, thank, etc.

4) Spammy bots or people. You can block, ignore and report them. But they are annoying and pointless time wasters that give marketers a bad name. It’s not marketing. Social networking is about being a social, and it requires a delicate balance of promotion.

In my experience, there are far more compelling benefits than disadvantages to using social media as a writer and/or reader. It’s just about recognizing and managing the challenges.

I’m willing to try other social media sites in the future. But for now, I’m sticking with my top four to maximize my time and ROI.

Favorite Social Networking Channels

1) Twitter – Currently, it’s my favorite. There’s a learning curve but in my opinion, it’s worth it. Twitter is free and quick to sign up, and you can always start slowly. When I’m not busy with life or writing, I love jumping on Twitter to connect with my readers, writers, and new and old friends.

2) Pinterest – I’m a visual person so I love Pinterest. This relatively new social site is a fun way to save and organize pictures online. It’s a visual pin board with social sharing options. It could be a good creative and branding tool. I like that it’s low maintenance; I spend just a few minutes, a couple times a week on it when the mood strikes me.

3) Facebook – I’m rarely on Facebook but it’s another way for readers to find me. As an author, it can be useful as another platform to network and connect with your audience. It’s quick and easy to sign up under your author pen name and create a business fan page.

4) Goodreads – I’m pretty new to Goodreads and don’t spend a lot of time there. But it’s a good social media site for writers and readers. As an author, it’s another platform to promote your books and connect with readers. As a reader, you can rate and review books as you read them, organize your book reading lists, and share reading recommendations among friends.

Social Networking for Writers and Readers

Of course, there are tons of other social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram and Tumblr. They all have their own unique advantages and purposes.

But you don’t need to sign up for all of them. As one person, you can’t possibly keep up with it all! Most people pick a few sites to focus on. For example, I mentioned I’m mostly on Twitter but occasionally hop on Pinterest, Goodreads and Facebook, too.

You may use social networking for personal and/or business reasons. For writers, I understand that many are not comfortable with marketing and new technology. And some are more social than others. But those who are willing to step outside their comfort zone to take advantage of social media in the right way will be the big winners in the social media marketing game. And it’s fun, too.

So where do you hang out online (if anywhere)?

Do you have anything to add to these lists? What are your thoughts, loves/hates, or questions about social networking?

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts. Oh, and don’t forget to share this post and connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Pinterest.

DILFS: Why Dads are Sexy

Or Why (Step) Daddy / Daughter Sex Erotica?

DILFS: Why Dads are Sexy

Happy Father’s Day to all the sexy dads!

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I would explore why dads are sexy. While I personally don’t write about incest (or condone it),  as many of you know, I do write about taboo erotica, including pseudo-incest, i.e. sexy ex-stepfamily like ex-stepdads and daughters.

So I know there are many reasons people find it to be a titillating topic. Whether it turns you on or squicks you out, it’s definitely a big turn on for many.

So what’s the appeal? Below is my list of The Reasons Dads Are Sexy. Some are my own thoughts mixed in with others, as noted.

Here are the Top 10 reasons we love DILFS and why dads are so damn sexy:

10.  It’s taboo. Even if there is no blood relation, it’s taboo to have sexual relations with your current or former stepfather or stepdaughter. It depends heavily on the country and society’s culture. But in the US, we are surprisingly puritanical. Look at Woody Allen and the public reaction to his stepdaughter wife. And although it may seem wrong to the masses, it’s that taboo we-shouldn’t-do-it quality that makes it all the more hotter.

9.  Authority figures are a turn on. Of course, everyone is different. However, many people find powerful authority figures to be irresistible. Maybe it’s their charm and success. Or maybe it brings out the inner rebellious bad girl, who wants to have him on her own terms.

8.  The older man/younger woman thing is hot. While I can’t speak for everyone, I’ve always had a thing for older men. They can be more sophisticated and worldly, more mature and more experienced. Sounds like they’d know how to please a woman, and could maybe teach you a thing or two in bed. Hot.

7.  We perceive dads to be nurturing and supportive. There’s something sexy about a sensitive man, who has real emotions and the capacity to care for his woman. According to a survey conducted by, 29% of the 3,000 single women surveyed thought single dads were sexy dates, while 43% found their nurturing and supportive qualities made them great dates.

6.  Stability. Sure, all dads are unique. They could be single dads, married, divorced, etc. But it implies that at one time, maybe he was in a committed (?) relationship. If he’s husband/daddy material, then surely, he must be stable and consistent? A man who’s always there for you is sexy. And while it might not be true, I could see why women might make that huge assumption.

I came up with the next five reasons with help from Google and blogger Joel Frieder’s original post, “Love, Dad’s Top 5 Reasons Why Dad’s Get More Sexy Time Than Non-Dads”. While his post isn’t about ex-stepdaughter and daddy sex, it still gives us more reasons why dads are sexy.

Five more hilarious (but probably true) reasons:

5.  The Stains. As Joel declares in his original post, “hard working men get pussy all the time” because it’s “the reward for the hard work of parenting, and damnit, the puke stain on my shoulder should tell you I’m a hugger.” Ha! I’d agree that a hard working dad is way sexier than a lazy bum. And the puke stains probably endear them to us.

4.  Exhaustion/fear of preganancy/playing hard to get. Not sure if I completely buy this reason. So now that dads are tired and afraid to get women pregnant, they’re harder to resist? Maybe, maybe not, but hilariously put:

“Now that I don’t even want to get it wet out of fear I will knock her or someone in the neighborhood up via second hand semen, she is straight up all over this dick like it’s a Fuckin Joel-blerone Fonzi. She be lovin the nougaty goodness of my triangular shaped chocolatey confectionary delight padre!”

3.  Patience. I’d agree that overall, patience is a great, sexy quality for any man to have. There’s probably a balance of patience and assertiveness, depending on the situation. But Joel notes that “when I’m patient I notice that I get it wet at least 56% more than when I’m jacked up on the need for dipping my sword in her pot of delicious vaginal nectar.”

2.  Handy man. Ah, who doesn’t like the thought of a real manly man who’s good with his hands? Another big point for sexy dads who are handy. According to Joel, when he acts like a handy man, it “sends a special signal to the vaginal cave of warm moistness and within 24 hours I’m being treated to the flesh glove.”

1.  Virility. A sexy dad screams to us subconsciously, “I’m a sexual catch and explosively virile.” Yes, virility is a turn on. Regardless of whether the woman wants to have babies or not, I’m sure that on a deep, primal human level, it’s probably true.

And there you have it. The top 10 reasons why dads are so damn sexy.

Do you agree? Anything else to add?

Happy Father’s Day – New Erotica Stories with Sexy Dads

Hi Sexy!

Happy early Father’s Day to you! In honor of Father’s Day, I’ve been busy writing stories paying tribute to sexy daddies and their naughty ex-stepdaughters.

I just published a few new stories: three hot daddy tales and an erotic massage short. Here are my latest news releases:

Daddy’s Girl 4: My Two Daddies

Forgive Me, Father

Sex on the Beach with my Ex’s Daddy

The Massage – On Sale for $0.99

If you’ve enjoyed my stories, please take a moment to leave a review. Your reviews mean the world to me because they help me to continue to write more hot erotic stories for your one-handed reading pleasure.

I appreciate your support and constructive feedback more than you know. Have a wonderful week!


About Kitty Fine

I’ve always been obsessed with (and great at) writing, storytelling, and sex.” -Kitty Fine

Kitty Fine Erotica Gets Me Soooo Hot...

Kitty Fine's Erotica Gets Me Soooo Hot...

I’m thrilled to be starting my new blog! And it only seems fitting to start with an introduction post.

For those who know me as Kitty Fine, you know that I’m an erotica writer who writes scorching hot, sexy short stories, ranging from the steamy to raunchy. Since I began writing erotic fiction five months ago, I’ve received dozens of great reviews and I’ve hit the bestselling lists on Amazon and iTunes in the US and internationally on multiple occasions.

Oh, and I always LOVE hearing from my readers, whether it’s through email, blog comments, or my Twitter or Facebook pages. So please drop me a line here or anywhere!

Since I first got started writing erotica, I’ve received some excellent questions from readers. And I’ve decided that it’s time to peel back the curtain a little, and share my answers with the rest of my readers.

*  *  *

What do you read?  I take it for granted that as a writer you must be a reader but what do you like?

Let me back up a bit and give you my reading background…

Ever since I was a little girl, I was a voracious reader. I’d read my comic books, fairy tales, and young adult fiction every chance I got. I’d often get in trouble for reading under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to be sleeping.

My sexiest reading started when I was about 7. I had some occasions to “read” Playboy and Hustler and even snagged a few chances to watch some porn back then, with great curiosity. I devoured my first Harlequin romance novels at about 10. This was pre-Kindle, so I had to hide my book covers. Ha!

As a third-grader, I remember being shocked but intrigued when I read V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic, an incestuous yet beautiful tale about a brother and sister falling in love and having sex. And this book was in a Catholic school’s library!

No, it’s not appropriate. I probably shouldn’t have been reading that. But I did.

I used to read tons of diverse fiction while growing up, and for the last few years, I’ve branched out to reading non-fiction. I used to read all of Stephen King’s books as soon as they came out in hardcover. I loved (and still do) suspense fiction, romance, mysteries, horror, and classic lit. Now I mix it up with some business books and more recently, a lot of erotica.

My high school English teachers instilled in me a wider and deeper love of reading. And they brought out the true writer in me. For that, I will always be grateful.

For as long as I can remember, I was always boy crazy. Then in high school, I became obsessed with men and reading sexy articles in Cosmo for years. I read anything and everything I could about sex. Sex was my obsession.

This year, I’ve returned to my reading roots, and I’m immensely enjoying reading (and now writing) erotica.

How did you come to write and publish the Kitty Fine books? 

Well, I’ve been writing for years and self-publishing for the last year or so. When I came across the topic of erotica writing in late November, it immediately intrigued me. So I thought I’d give it a shot and jumped right in.

It was right up my alley. I really did start young with the sexy storytelling, now that I think about it. Why I waited so long to put it in writing, I don’t know. And it’s funny, when I told some of my real-life friends that I was writing erotica, they laughed and said it was “so perfect” for me. Ha!

I just started not too long ago but I’m having a blast with this! It’s perfect for me in a lot of ways. I’ve always been obsessed with (and great at) writing, storytelling and sex.

Do you have a day job or just write? How long have you been a writer?

Writing is my full-time day job. I’ve been an erotica writer since December 2011 and I love it. I feel lucky that I can spend my time doing what I love at home.

I started taking writing more seriously when I was in high school. I won writing awards and was encouraged by teachers to become a journalist. Instead, I went to business school and had a diverse business career.

Through the years, I’ve broadened my creative writing skills with other types of writing, such as: copywriting, business writing, proposal writing, academic writing, article writing, travel writing and web writing. While I enjoyed honing my other writing skills, I am excited that I’m writing creative fiction now. And fun, sexy erotica to boot!

Were you really a stripper or is that a persona? Have you done all the things in your stories?

My bio is correct – I really was a stripper, nympho, Catholic schoolgirl, and sorority girl. Combine that sexy mix with my love of writing, and maybe I was born to write erotica!

While there are some elements of me and my experiences in my stories, you must remember this is erotic fiction. Fiction being the operative word.

My stories are typically light and fun but fiction is a creative world to explore. If I write about something, it doesn’t mean I condone it. So no, I don’t condone anything illegal, immoral, incest, rape, cheating, prostitution, etc.

So what parts of my stories are true? Please don’t ask because I won’t tell you. It’s more fun to leave it to your wicked imagination. 😉

Married, kids?  And finally, what is your ultimate writing goal? 

I’m married to a wonderful husband. No kids but I have a spoiled cat who cries a lot.

Ultimately, I want to continue loving my job as an erotica writer, while making a good living at it. I’ve been so lucky to start things off with a big bang (puns always intended).

While I look at writing as a serious business, it’s also my art. It’s my creative outlet, which I enjoy immensely.

I also want to continue to challenge myself as a writer and provide an ever-growing backlist of gripping, scorching hot erotic stories for my beloved, one-handed readers.

Thank you so much for reading my intro. I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments section. So…..

If you’re an erotica reader or writer, WHY do you read or write erotica? How did you get started?